Saturday, September 20, 2014

Welcoming Autumn

It's nearly fall, so that means we hit the beach to enjoy a beautiful day! Despite not being pictured, our 8-year-old was with us, but insisted on avoiding the camera the whole day!
Cam can't get enough of his dad!
 Kennedy thought this was a little salty and slimy, but maybe she will like sushi!
 Nobody likes tan lines!
 This is one way to try to shake off some of that sand!  Cam had quite a spring in his step and obviously Kennedy kept her bow on!
Hmmm, maybe these shenanigans cause Braden to keep his distance?!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Celebrating Our Angel

Braden looked like an angel when he graced us with his birth 8 years ago, and he is still angelic in our eyes...most of the time!
Braden didn't know where we were heading to dinner for his birthday, but we surprised him by picking up Landin and Keegan on the way.
Since Braden is all about sports, we hit up ESPN Zone for dinner before heading to an Angels game.
Just what we need, another loud toy!
 These two fans look pretty excited.
 He can sure be goofy...
 But also so adorably sweet!
 Apparently the sugar high has hit!  Yellow, pink and blue cotton candy will help that!
 It was fun celebrating Braden's birthday with the Gickings!
 Wow, Michelle and I even got our photo taken!
 Matt caught a t-shirt that was shot into the crowd!
 Best birthday present ever, apparently!
 No matter what seat Braden sat in, this cute little girl followed him and stared. At 8 years old, this is annoying...just give it about 5 years!
 What a fun night celebrating with Braden!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Braden's Angels

A surprise visit from the other Johnson Five meant a trip to Angels Stadium for a game with 3 of his favorite girls!
These are obviously three of the cutest Angels fans!
 Braden may have enjoyed the game more than his cousins, but they all love an excuse to hang out.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Camp Gramma

Gramma got a wild hair and decided to have 4 out of 6 of her grandkids stay with her for the week. I said why not just take the whole crew since she already had the majority, but that idea was shot down for some reason. The time has been chock full of fun activities, including beach days! The twins insisted on joining in on the excitement in Oceanside on one of the days.
Beach bound!
 Looks like Gramma will have her hands full!
She looks pretty excited to have her hands full though!
Don't worry, they will surely get all their energy out boogie boarding.
 Time to dig a hole!
No surprise that Lyla ended up in that hole!
The majority of the group is smiling and looking at the camera, so this shot is considered a success!

A quick break from the water for a cute photo!
Gramma seemed to have things under control, so I went and worked on my tan...well, just long enough to take this picture at least!
 Trendy, fringe bikini? Check. Matching hair bow? Check. Having a blast in the water with Gramma? Priceless!
 Guess Cam was checking out the waves.
 This active duo loved riding the waves!
 Leave it to Gramma to bring tons of snacks. Kennedy loved the chocolate pudding, of course!
A certain little girl loves taking pictures with her Gramma!
Most of that sand came home with us.
What a great week with Gramma, Papa and the girls!
Checking out some reptiles. The turtle was a cute, little fellow...
 The snake, on the other hand, was not so adorable!
Enough of the creepiness...time for a blast at the water park!
After all, it was like 150 degrees!
Ahhhh, some air conditioning! And the bonus was getting to see cool stuff at the museum. Get 'em educated!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Busiest Place on Earth

We let Braden play hooky so we could spend a day at the happiest, hottest place on earth...who knew a random Tuesday in early May would be so popular!? Despite the extreme heat and crowds, we enjoyed our visit.
So far, so good...we made it out of the car and we were on our way to the happiest place on earth! As long as they stay in the stroller, we should survive the day! 
 We got through the gate and the twins are already on their own agenda. Do we look like we know what we are doing?!
Cameron and Kennedy were intrigued from the moment we stepped through the gates of Disneyland.
Obviously Kennedy got a new outfit for her first trip to Disneyland!
Cameron had appropriate attire too!
Miss Independent was ready to take on the day...and wanted nothing to do with the stroller in the background!
Always a favorite, the Jungle Cruise was their first ride.
Kennedy loved the animals!
Hard to say who loved Pluto most?!
Cam figured he'd take charge since the ticket booth was unmanned. 
Kennedy butted in to attempt to help her brother.
Cam wasn't so sure about the idea of us being in jail.
Too cute for prison!
 Lots of muscles with this crew!
Kennedy enjoyed her two favorite activities...eating and dancing.
The reaction to meeting a princess for the first time was priceless!
Still a bit unsure...
Ooooh...sparkles! Kennedy quickly decided that she and this princess could be fast friends.
Cameron found his favorite spot at Disneyland...the gift shop!
Kennedy sure will miss Kelsey when she moves away!
Look who we ran into!! The Ginsburgs decided to play hooky today too!
The twins loved seeing their buddy Brayden!
Thank God Braden won't be driving for another 8 years. He made me carsick as the passenger!
 Toy Story was fun for the whole family!
My first visit to Disneyland was in 1978...Braden wore the hat I got on my first trip during his first visit when he was 2!
Braden's mini-me didn't find the hat shenanigans nearly as entertaining.

C'mon, not even just for a photo?!
Of course Braden complied, but clearly he wasn't thrilled about it.
My sweet little princess loved the retro look! 
Such a treat to run into Brayden's brother, Vinny!
The shear delight in every aspect of the day was just amazing!
And then there's this twin...kills us with his expressions! 
Couldn't miss an opportunity for a ride with my girl.
The boys look like they are ready to do some serious spinning.
Dad vowed to not let Braden get sick.
Clearly the promise wasn't mutual. Was Braden getting revenge from the last time they rode the tea cup ride together?!

Based on our track record with family photos, this gem of our sweaty family may end up on our Christmas card!
Sorry Kels, they really do love you. It just isn't evident in photos.
Kelsey taught Kennedy how to swish, swish, swish her wand around while she pranced. She had the moves nailed immediately.

Hands down, the best big brother on earth.
This little princess is hard to resist!
It appears as if Kennedy thinks she is posing in front of her future home.
While parading up and down the parade route before it started, Kennedy stumbled across this amazing display of about a thousand balloons.  
It was so hot today, so Cameron armed himself with some water for his run along the parade route. 
 Daddy had to reel Kennedy in because the parade was about to begin!
 Not sure if Cameron was mesmerized or just glazed over from skipping his nap. At least Matt and Braden showed some excitement!
While Matt rode a couple more rides with Braden, we had to say our goodbyes after a long, fun day. Hey Brayden, watch that arm!
The kids were a little delirious by this point.
 Looks like Kennedy enjoyed one too many churros. Real princesses cover their midriff!